Our Financial Advisors and TPA Partners

Oriental Pension Consultants is a third party administrator (TPA) of tax qualified retirement plans. We serve clients across the United States and Puerto Rico from our Boca Raton office. We are not associated with any particular investment provider and we do not manage assets. Our fees are based on administrative services we provide. We partner with financial advisors to design, implement and administer a plan that meets the sponsor’s unique goals.

We support plans at Transamerica, John Hancock, Nationwide, Voya, Empower and MassMutual. We also provide customized daily valuation record keeping services utilizing a multi fund open architecture platform with Mid Atlantic Trust Company or a Transamerica Group Annuity product. Daily valuation includes participant and sponsor web access, daily pricing and transaction processing and trade execution.

Oriental Pension Consultants also provides record keeping only services to a group of qualified retirement plans. In this capacity we partner with many TPAs who provide detailed service, including compliance work and administration services to support the plan sponsors.

In our recordkeeping only environment, plans benefit from our state of the art daily trading platform, with either Transamerica or Mid-Atlantic Trust Company. In addition, our bilingual web site, participant statements and staff provide enhanced participant communication services.


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