Defined Benefit Plans

List of Services Provided – Defined Benefit Plans


Plan Installation

Detailed analysis and planning are needed for the success of any retirement Plan. Oriental Pension Consultants (OPC) will lead your company through the maze of documentation necessary for the proper administration of a qualified plan.

OPC provides assistance with the planning and design of your retirement program. OPC will also provide administrative forms and individual benefit statements. We assist the human resources personnel with the implementation and ongoing administration of the plan.


Plan Administration

Our experienced actuaries and defined benefit plan consultants will help you choose a plan to maximize benefits within your business parameters. Ongoing benefits and costs are monitored to identify the short and long term trends in your individually designed plan.


The annual administration of the Defined Benefit Plan includes:

  • Summary of Plan Specifications which describes all methods and assumptions used in the valuation
  • Census reports detailing the status of each employee (participant)
  • Comprehensive listing of accrued and projected plan benefits
  • Financial statement with detailed trust accounting for the period for the period ending on the valuation date
  • Summary schedule of insurance in force
  • Valuation Data Summary to explain liabilities, cost, contribution, assets, participant status, funding assumptions and accrued benefits
  • AFTAP Certifications as required
  • Contributions analysis, consisting of the numerical results of all valuation calculations
  • Reconciliation of the minimum funding requirements as required for the Schedule B reporting purposes
  • List of participants by category for REA Notices
  • List of participants required receiving distributions due to age
  • All applicable government forms, including Forms 5500 and related schedules, 480.70 and submission to appropriate governmental agencies

Information Provided to Participants:

  • Detailed Employee Benefit Statements
  • Notice of all modifications to plan
  • Summary annual report

Defined Benefit Supplemental Services may also include:

  • PBGC Form 1 Premium Calculation, form preparation and submission to PBGC
  • Preparation of PBGC Notice of Funded Percentages
  • Accounting standards report preparation
  • Lump Sum and Actuarial Calculations for retirement, death or disability
  • Form 5500 Extension Filing
  • Cost and Retirement Studies
  • Comparability Tests for multiple plans
  • Plan audit assistance with CPA
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