OPC Partners

Oriental Pension Consultants (OPC) maintains and utilizes automated trade-routing solutions on 2 different platforms. OPC has built a trading link with Transamerica Retirement Solutions to trade Transamerica funds held in group annuity contracts. Though Mid-Atlantic Trust Co. OPC trades mutual funds and ETF’s held in investment accounts with Mid-Atlantic Trust Co. (MATC).

OPC’s unique trading link with Transamerica allows OPC to offer daily valuation services to clients that choose to invest in a group annuity contract.

Providing a range of automated services the Transamerica and OPC trading link offers our clients increased operational efficiency.


MATC has an automated trade-routing solution OPC utilizes connecting buy-side investors to sell-side mutual fund families.

MATC offers many competitive advantages, such as easier access to market participants, streamlined trade and data flows, and straight-through processing between fund companies and investors’ recordkeeping and accounting systems.

MATC meets the unique requirements of a wide variety of investors. More than 600 participating institutions, representing employee benefit, asset management, insurance, bank and trust channels, already use the network to access more than 280 fund companies with 20,000 funds.


MATC supports:

  • Fully disclosed and/or omnibus accounts with fund providers.
  • Third-party brokers.
  • Self-trustee, passive trustee and directed trustee models
  • Directed brokerage accounts
  • Models
  • ETF’s


Oriental Bank

Oriental Pension Consultants is a wholly owned subsidiary of OFG Bancorp. Oriental Bank is the second largest bank in Puerto Rico. They offer a full service Trust Department offering a wide range of financial services to their customers. We have a long history of working closely with Oriental and we regularly partner with Oriental to provide services to retirement plan clients in Puerto Rico. Oriental offers trustee services, paying agent services, investment advice, participant education services and tax reporting to retirement plan clients. These services can be bundled or unbundled to meet a plan’s specific needs.

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